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U2gigs (@u2gigs)

Matt: Berlin / Ax: Wollongong / Matkin: Toronto / Chris: NY

The below is an off-site archive of all most tweets posted by @u2gigs ever

October 3rd, 2016

@supraman0511 When did the US go down to 49 states?

 via U2gigs (Matkin) in reply to supraman0511

That old link still works by the way, though it is just a redirect to our current URL.

 via U2gigs (Matkin) in reply to u2gigs

On a final sidenote, back then we were known as u2-vertigo-tour; didn’t become U2Gigs until the start of 360! How the times change!

 via U2gigs (Matkin) in reply to u2gigs

So what does this tell us about the Dreamforce concert? Absolutely nothing, but fun to look back! Maybe we’ll get a Stories For Boys snippet

 via U2gigs (Matkin) in reply to u2gigs

Finally, the tour also featured the last performances of Kite.

 via U2gigs (Matkin) in reply to u2gigs

VT was also the last time we got a Pop song in concert (Discotheque x2), although Staring at the Sun was done a few years later for Clinton

 via U2gigs (Matkin) in reply to u2gigs

An Cat Dubh, Into the Heart, The Electric Co., The Ocean. Gloria too for the October fans. Also a left-field Love Is Blindness!

 via U2gigs (Matkin) in reply to u2gigs

Miss Sarajevo, Zoo Station, Running to Stand Still, Wild Horses, 40, The First Time. And of course the slew of Boy-era songs!

 via U2gigs (Matkin) in reply to u2gigs

continued the trend of bringing back old songs for (in many cases) a last hurrah (or sometimes a first one!). What oldies did we get?

 via U2gigs (Matkin) in reply to u2gigs

Outside the COBL and Vertigo staples only Yahweh (x1) and Miracle Drug (x2) have been done since the tour ended. But of course, it also …

 via U2gigs (Matkin) in reply to u2gigs

Miracle Drug, Crumbs, All Because of You, Original of the Species, and Window in the Skies.

 via U2gigs (Matkin) in reply to u2gigs

Apart from Vertigo (often done twice on the outside stage) and COBL which are still staples, we had Love and Peace, Sometimes, Yahweh, …

 via U2gigs (Matkin) in reply to u2gigs

So since U2 appear to be setting up a version of their Vertigo Tour stage, let’s take a look at what that tour gave us!

 via U2gigs (Matkin)

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