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An Cat Dubh

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This song has been played 242 times as full song or snippet.

This song has been played at the following 241 shows:

This song has been snippeted at the following show:

All in all, we've found 2 different snippets played during An Cat Dubh:

(Not Just) Knee Deep, Can't Find My Way Home

All in all, we've found 1 different song(s) with An Cat Dubh as snippet:

I Fall Down

An Cat Dubh lyrics

Say goodnight
She waits for me to
Put out the light
Lay there still
She waits to break my will

Yes, if I know the truth
How 'bout you...

And in the daylight
A blackbird makes a violent sight
And when she is done
She sleeps beside the wild

Yes, If I know the truth
How 'bout you...

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