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U2gigs (@u2gigs)

Matt: Berlin / Ax: Wollongong / Matkin: Toronto / Chris: NY

The below is an off-site archive of all most tweets posted by @u2gigs ever

October 4th, 2011

@natashcha If I’m reading it right, the Uber vinyl is the five singles; so all the B-sides on CD, but on vinyl with the original art, etc.

 via U2gigs (Matkin) in reply to natashcha

So what differences (if any) are there between the original leaked tracklist and the one just unveiled by U2.com?

 via U2gigs (Matkin)

obrienderek U2 special Sunday night from 10.45pm on BBC1, UK @obrienderek @u2gigs

 via Echofon (retweeted on 9:50 PM, Oct 4th, 2011  via U2gigs (Matkin))

fakebono At the bank depositing Achtung Baby profits. RT @valb401: @fakebono Hey don’t suppose you know where you guys will be in November do you?

 via Seesmic twhirl (retweeted on 9:46 PM, Oct 4th, 2011  via U2gigs (Matkin))

fakebono They decided against releasing the Mini Achtung Baby box set, the one featuring more naked Adam photos on the inner sleeve.

 via Seesmic twhirl (retweeted on 7:53 PM, Oct 4th, 2011  via U2gigs (Matkin))

diederdevries @u2gigs I would really like to hear The Wanderer with Bono on vocals for example. Or early versions of what became Pop/HMTMKMKM

 via Twitter for Mac (retweeted on 7:34 PM, Oct 4th, 2011  via U2gigs (Matkin))

Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses? http://www.youtube.com/w…

 via U2gigs (Matkin)

patrickmoraes_ @u2gigs Not everything’s bad news. Have you noticed that Love is Blindness is over seven minutes on the ‘Kindergarten’ version? :-)

 via web (retweeted on 7:19 PM, Oct 4th, 2011  via U2gigs (Matkin))

AnalogWalrus @u2gigs or to put it another way: how did we go from having Propeganda to having…Fanfire?

 via TweetDeck (retweeted on 7:10 PM, Oct 4th, 2011  via U2gigs (Matkin))

Robbie_J @u2gigs honestly, how hard could it have been to dig up a quality indoor #ZooTV show from 92.

 via Twitter for Mac (retweeted on 7:09 PM, Oct 4th, 2011  via U2gigs (Matkin))

@parenthetical Under Deluxe 2CD it says “CD DISC 1 - ACHTUNG BABY ALBUM REMASTERED”

 via U2gigs (Matkin) in reply to parenthetical

@AnalogWalrus I think he’s just a handy scapegoat for the fans who don’t want to believe U2 are responsible

 via U2gigs (Matkin) in reply to AnalogWalrus

@ludicrosity82 They’re probably saving that for a re-release next year? ;-)

 via U2gigs (Matkin) in reply to ludicrosity82

@AnalogWalrus How do we know McGuinness is at fault?

 via U2gigs (Matkin) in reply to AnalogWalrus

borjaosant @u2gigs sydney is the biggest disappointment in the whole thing

 via Twitter for iPhone (retweeted on 6:50 PM, Oct 4th, 2011  via U2gigs (Matkin))

First it was Duals, now this… how long must we sing this song?

 via U2gigs (Matkin)

The fact that Sydney is still on there, however… I guess it is just proof that U2 never listen to their fans.

 via U2gigs (Matkin)

So we FINALLY have @U2com confirming that it is remastered. Took them bloody long enough! #Achtungyall

 via U2gigs (Matkin)

u2com Achtung Baby at 20 - tracklistings revealed for all formats.

 via web (retweeted on 6:07 PM, Oct 4th, 2011  via U2gigs (Matkin))

Hahah, thanks to everyone who replied. I actually don’t know the answer, I was hoping one of you would! I can’t find it anywhere.

 via U2gigs (Matkin)

In 1982, Bono wrote two songs while on his honeymoon. One was Two Hearts Beat as One. What was the other?

 via U2gigs (Matkin)

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